Enemies & other stuff

Enemies. They will try to stop you by using any way possible. You have 3 ways to defeat them:

  1. Your own weapons.
  2. The Sphere Turret (EMP, ElectroMagnetic Pulse).
  3. Your wingman.

2 and 3 are limited, so use them with caution.

And now, let’s see those enemies. And more to come soon.

Light fighter: fast and a difficult target. Very maneuverable.


Heavy fighter: a stronger version of the light fighter, but with the same speed.


Stellar cube: not very fast, but its ray will drain your shields, also shaking your ship. Be careful.


Pyramid: they have a special behavior: they steal the stellar sphere and carry it in the middle of its structure. You’ll have to destroy the Pyramid ship in order to recover the sphere, or you won’t be able to score.


Capital ships: they are slow, huge, and their power is also impressive. You’ll have to deal with them and use your best tricks in order to survive. Remember that your wingman and the EMP weapon will be very important for you in these cases.


Fixed cannon turrets: they can’t be destroyed. If you’re too near, they will shoot you with bullets or lasers.


Flaming Skull: very dangerous, and it moves very fast. Launches three, even four missiles in seconds. Also can send a burst of lasers.


Torus by 3: this torus will give the player points by 3 if passing across it. The torus will appear briefly around the area and then it will dissapear again.


Antigravity spheres: they have a laser going around the sphere, and affect the Stellar Sphere with an antigravity effect. So, when the sphere is free, the antigravity will throw away the sphere based on distance. So be careful when launching the stellar sphere, if there is one or more antigravity spheres there, the trajectory will be affected. If normal gravity is on, both gravity vectors (antigravity and normal gravity) will be added with a final vector. The antigravity effect will start after 45 seconds.


Last, but not least: asteroids will give you energy. Also remember those little barrels floating. Reds will give you weapon energy, and blue will give you shields.