FAQ Stellar Sphere

FAQ Version 1.3.

Note: the game will be ready for download with a demo with ten complete levels of the “Stellar Short” stage for those who want to test it before Release. We will report on this page promptly. 

Manual can be found here.

These are the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Stellar Sphere, the new zero gravity game developed by Titan Deep Space Company, a small company responsible for “Math Combat Challenge” and “Math Classroom Challenge”. These FAQs will be revised as the title develops.

Stellar Sphere


1.- What is “Stellar Sphere”?

Stellar Sphere is a zero-gravity sports and action game that aims to get the maximum number of points in a limited time per level, and with 24 initial levels or stages as we call them, and an infinite stage. To achieve them, the player must look for a fireball, a stellar sphere, attach it to his ship, and throw it over the active wormhole.

It is played with a configurable limited time, and has twenty-four initial stages, plus infinite subsequent stages with four difficulty levels. The twenty-four levels are named after the letters of the Greek alphabet, and the infinite level is known as the Athena level.

2.- Who develops it?

A very small indie group that calls themselves “Titan Deep Space Company”. This is the name of a company that appears in a science fiction book. In fact the game is inspired by a science fiction book.

3.- What platforms will Stellar Sphere come out for?

First in Windows, and when it is finished for XBox One.

4.- What technical requirements do you have for Windows?

A computer with a 1.9 GHz Intel I3 processor with an NVidia 740 series graphics card or higher or equivalent integrated graphics card, or equivalent ATI Radeon card with a gigabyte of RAM. Approximate 3 GB of disk space. The game will allow six levels of graphic quality to adapt to almost any computer.

5.- Will it be possible to play with a pad?

Yes, it will be fully compatible with XBox One or 360 controllers, or Playstation 3 and 4 controllers or compatible from day one. In fact it is recommended to use a pad for better control of the ship. Anyway the game can also be played with keyboard and mouse without any problem.

6.- What does it mean “will be released for XBox One when it is finished”?

The game will come out as version 1.0 in Steam. The game will be at that time in an completed state, but new features will be added. After listening to the players, and applying the corresponding improvements, it will also appear in Xbox One. so the Xbox version will come shortly after the PC release, testing is in progress to be sure of this.

7.- When will it be released on Steam?

The finished game with version 1.0 will be published on March 29th. Then will begin the process of review and improvements that players consider appropriate to introduce. But before that the demo version will be released, and we’ll take notes of the comments to include them in the final release version. We will try to make most of the improvements that players indicate to release it on XBox.

8.- What obstacles and advantages will the player find to increase the points?

There are several elements that the game incorporates to be able to increase points, and also other elements that will force you to defend yourself to survive. The player will be chased by groups of ships that will try to destroy you, or steal your sphere so that you can not carry out the score.

Other elements include barrels with energy and shields, asteroids that allow weapons to be recharged, and other elements, such as a torus figure that allows you to triple points for a while, or side plates to wormholes that give triple points if the sphere is introduced by hitting those sides first. Sometimes walls will appear that will prevent the sphere from being launched for a while and you’ll have to shoot to a key near to undercover the wormhole. And other elements that will be seen.

The numbers of spheres introduced in the wormhole can decrease if you configure the game that way. For example, say that if after 3 minutes you haven’t scored, you’ll lose one of the scores you got before. Be careful: you can even get negative scores.

Stages that the player has finished for every stage and time chosen

9.- What levels of difficulty and scenarios exist? And weapons?

Four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult, and the Stellar level. Each level of difficulty makes it easier, or more difficult, the level of game in which the player is.

In other words, for a specific level, let’s say the gamma level, some rules apply. If the difficulty level is medium, those rules are not touched. If the difficulty level is easy, the rules become a little easier. If it’s hard, something more difficult. And if it’s Stellar level, it will be completely crazy.

As for scenarios, in the initial version there are five scenarios. One is closed in space (Stellar Short, that is included in the demo), the second is a bigger area, the third is in a planet where the sphere will have gravity, and the fourth will be a place of pure chaos. The fifth will also be on a planet. So pay attention to where you throw the sphere. If it doesn’t go in, it will keep moving away and you will have to go looking for it.

The friction of the ship and the sphere can be modified in such a way that it is extreme or even zero. All this can be modified in the game configuration screens.

And in terms of weapons, the first levels allow the use of classic weapons such as minigun and the like, while more advanced levels will allow more powerful energy weapons, to be chosen by the player.

By the way, even the game is called “gravity zero sport” you can add gravity to the game. And then you’ll have to deal with Sir Newton to win.

10.- Why are the levels numbered according to the Greek alphabet?

Because you have to be original in this life. Moreover, this way the player knows and learns the Greek alphabet, which is widely used in science.

11.- And the multiplayer?

We have many plans for multiplayer, and even an operative alpha. But the multiplayer is a very serious and complex subject, and we will add it when possible and after verifying that its operation is excellent. For that there will be internal and external tests. But for now, we’re going to fine-tune the single-player part. We don’t want to publish a multiplayer until we know that it works with all the guarantees, and it also requires technical and economic resources that we hope to obtain through different sources.

12.- Will there be a VR version of the game?

Yes. After the initial release, a special version now in progress will be available for VR hardware, including Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and other compatible hardware.

13.- Why does the sphere sometimes deviate from the course I’ve given it?

Because there is near an antigravity sphere. Those are the spheres with a ray. When near, the Stellar Sphere suffers and antigravity effect and deviates its course.

14.- Where can I get more information?