How to play

Videotutorial is in progress. This is a short manual how to play Stellar Sphere. 

You can read the FAQ here.

Important: this document is work in progress. We’ll add more info very soon. We’re now working to open the game page on Steam.

Stellar Sphere is a very easy game to play, but intended to be hard to master. We explain the most important features here.

Main menu.


The first time you go into the main menu, all the stages will be disabled except “Stellar Short”. Now you can try the tutorial in this stage, to learn the basics of the game. Videotutorial coming soon.


When playing the tutorial, a big panel above you will inform you of the steps to finish the tutorial. Then you’ll learn how to play the game with some basic steps.


When the tutorial is finished, the main menu will activate all the stages. Now it´s up to you to choose how to start, but remember, some stages like “Stellar Chaos” are far more difficult than others.

When playing for the first time is important to go for the interactive tutorial. This tutorial is active by default in level Alpha Stage “Stellar Short”. A cube will help you with the steps to finish the tutorial. Then the tutorial will deactivate itself. You can reactivate it manually in the config menu if you want to.


When playing, “H” to get help and see how the pad is configured by default. On the first stage, “Alpha”, if the tutorial is active, a drone will help you to start playing the game.


Playing the game.

Control your starship with the keyboard and mouse (WASD) + mouse. You can also move your ship in other directions with QR, ZX, CV. You can control the starship with the Xbox and PS3/PS4 pad too (see below).

There are 24 stages, and one more infinite. You always start by default at stage “Alpha”, that is very easy to play. But you can change it if you want to start in more advanced stages, “Beta”, “Gamma”, and so on. This is done at the config panel 1. Change the time per stage also in config panel 1.

When starting every stage, find the stellar sphere. You have a pointer above in the ship that indicates where the sphere is. Capture the sphere. Be careful: you must be near and point to the sphere until it’s trapped in your ship. Then the pointer will indicate the wormhole where you must send the sphere to win points. Do it by launching the sphere against the wormhole with space key or “A” in the Xbox pad or equivalent. While you carry the sphere you’ll lose shields.

The pointer of the ship is very helpful, but if you want you can disconnect it for a more challenging game. It’s up to you, and you’ll win more points. You can deactivate the pointer in the config menu.

Remember that the radar will always be there to know exactly what’s near you. Well, almost.


You can control the game with keyboard and mouse or pad. The majority of pads will be compatible, including PS3/PS4 and Xbox 360/Xbox One pads.

You can configure the keyboard, mouse and pad directly in the game by pressing “K”.

Own weapons.

There are a variety of weapons included. These weapons are being given to the player while the game progresses in higher stages. More powerful weapons give more damage but need more energy. You can shoot with the mouse, left button, and launch missiles with the right mouse. You start with 10 missiles, and new missiles are added from time to time. You can zoom to aim better with the third button of the mouse. Everything is also on the pad. We’ll add a map of the pad configuration by default later. You can always change the default behavior.


There are different enemies, and new ones will be included soon. Right now we have:

  • Light fighters: fast and agile, they will be sending many laser blasts, and missiles. Sometimes these missiles can provoke that we lose the stellar sphere if we have it onboard, so be careful.
  • Heavy fighters: there are also fast, but more powerful and with greater shields.
  • Starships: slow but very powerful, easy to aim but hard to destroy.
  • Pyramids: not so fast as the fighters, but faster than the starships. They shoot and they launch missiles. But they have also another feature: they will send a tractor beam to the sphere, and will hide the sphere inside. So your only opportunity of winning more points is to destroy the pyramid.
  • Heavy starship. This ship won’t use lasers, but will send many missiles. They are very powerful. Be careful.
  • Cannon boxes. These are very powerful ships armed with four cannons and missiles.


There are four arenas, two more for free coming after release:

  • Stellar Short: this is the first area, and the Alpha stage contains a tutorial.
  • Stellar Large: a bigger area to play.
  • Stellar landscape: you play in a planet. Perfect to activate the gravity option for a bigger challenge (see below).
  • Stellar Chaos: as its name implies, this level is to test yourself.

Other elements.

These elements can help you in some ways.

  • Blue barrels: they will give you more weapons.
  • Red barrels: they will give you more energy.
  • Torus: a big torus will move across the area sometimes+, if you cross it you’ll have your points multiplied by 3 for a while.
  • Lateral walls: some wormholes have lateral walls. If you first launch the sphere against the wall, and then the sphere goes into the wormhole, you’ll win more points.
  • Wormholes and walls reduced: sometimes the walls and wormholes will reduce their size if you are too near.
  • Points when far: if you launch from a distance you’ll get more points. This is indicated on the panels.
  • Metal walls in front of wormholes: when a wall appears in front of the wormhole you won’t be able to launch the sphere from the distance.
  • Extra points remaining: when the sphere is collected, energy from the shields will start to disappear, but also a counter will start from one level to zero. The farther the wormhole, the greater the points. When launching the sphere, those points will be added to the total.
  • Keys and walls: sometimes you’ll find a wall hiding the wormhole. Find a key near and shoot to that key. Not all the weapons destroy the key.
  • Turbo: when active (Left Shift, X button) you can increase your speed.




  • Time stage: the time per stage. From 3 to 15 minutes.
  • Initial stage: you can start with the stage Alpha (first) or directly go to the desired level.
  • Sphere drag: the sphere is affected by drag when launched. More drag means less distance.
  • Real physics starship: when active the drag is decreased in the starship and control is more difficult.
  • Enemies: you can deactivate enemies to practice or play with no interferences.
  • Level: four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard, stellar.
  • Clean statistics: statistics return to zero.
  • Clean achievements: every record of the games you have won will be erased.
  • +Settings: second configuration screen.
  • All weapons: if active, you’ll access all your weapons from the first level. If not, you’ll get new weapons while winning new levels.


  • Graphics: complexity of graphics.
  • Random events: frequency some events that can happen while playing.
  • Mouse speed: to control the movement of the ship with the mouse.
  • Invert y axis: gives natural movement to mouse and pad.
  • Ship pointer: the ship has a pointer above to find the sphere and active wormhole. You can deactivate it for a more challenging game, and more points.
  • Gravity ground: when deactivated, you’ll play in zero gravity. But you can activate gravity in low and high variants, for a bigger challenge.
  • Tutorial: if active, the first stage, Alpha, will contain a drone to help you with a short tutorial.
  • Negative spheres (minutes): indicates whether you’ll be losing one goal every one minute, two or three minutes (you choose the time). That way, if active, if more than one, or two, or three minutes have passed since the last score, you’ll lose one score. You can even have negative scores. The first time is always 30 seconds before starting to count. The yellow color in the “spheres” indicator will indicate less than 60 seconds to lose one sphere. Red color will indicate less than 30 seconds. Score or you’ll lose one sphere, if you have chosen “1” minute to lose the sphere. If you’ve chosen “2”, then it will be 90 and 45. and if you’ve chosen “3”, then it will be 120 and 60;
  • Asteroid mode: when active, the game becomes a tribute to the old “Asteroids” game by Atari. Just destroy as many asteroids as you can. Enemies are deactivated, but you’ll see a classic UFO like the old game. Beware this UFO launches missiles and doesn’t stop until you destroy it. You can still score spheres if you want to.


XBOX Controls (or PS3/PS4 equivalent) while playing.


  • Left stick: ship movement.
  • Right stick: ship direction.
  • Left stick button: EMP (Electromagnetic pulse).
  • Right stick button: Wingman.
  • Left shoulder: spin left movement.
  • Right shoulder: spin right movement.
  • D-Pad up: vertical up movement.
  • D-Pad down: vertical down movement.
  • D-Pad left: previous weapon.
  • D-Pad right: next weapon.
  • A button: launch the sphere.
  • B button: change view.
  • Y button: cloak.
  • X buton: turbo.
  • Right shoulder button: shoot selected weapon.
  • Left shoulder button: shoot guided missile.
  • Center left button: menu.


Keyboard controls.

  • K: map keyboard and pad.
  • M: music on/off.
  • WASD: move ship.
  • QR/ZX/CV/RT: additional movement controls.
  • Escape: pause menu.
  • Space: launch the sphere.
  • Right arrow: next weapon.
  • Left arrow: previous weapon.
  • Right Alt: shoot guided missile.
  • O: Canvas.
  • U: View from the Stellar Sphere.
  • F7: Wingman.
  • L: Cloaking.
  • Left Shift: turbo.


  • Mouse movement: ship direction.
  • Button 1: fire selected weapon.
  • Button 2: fire guided missile.
  • Button 3: EMP Weapon.
  • Wheel: change weapon.