What is “Stellar Sphere”?

“Stellar Sphere” is a sports and action game, mainly set in space and in zero gravity. The rules of this game are tremendously simple: you must move with your ship through an area, look for a sphere, capture it, and throw it over the wormhole that is active. That’s all.

There’s just one small detail, though: as you proceed with the scoring and the twenty-four levels, plus the infinite level, you’ll have to deal with different hordes of enemies who will try to turn you to ashes.












Also, as you progress through the levels, the wormholes, and even the sphere, will tend to make it harder for you to score points. Not to mention the artillery that protects the wormholes, the asteroids, the ships that will steal your sphere, the disappearance of the wormholes, the changes in gravity, the gravitational traps, and other surprises that you will discover throughout the levels. You can take care of all of them with your weapons and guided missiles.

The game has five initial scenarios, each of which presents its own challenge, based on its structure and unique elements, with no gravity, or gravity if you want a greater challenge. In addition, you’ll be able to play through the game’s four difficulty levels, and with the help of the dial and active wormhole locator, they can be deactivated, making the game more difficult, but scoring more points.

That’s “Stellar Sphere”. Sport, action, space, and combat. Fine-tune your reflexes. You’ll need them.

Read the FAQ and manual for more info. Thank you!