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Ultimate Custom Night

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Hello, this is a review of the Ultimate Custom Night game for the Nintendo Switch. I'll be covering graphics, gameplay, multiplayer, replayability and conclusion.

"Ultimate Custom Night" is a simulation game of animatronic characters in a pizzeria that is now abandoned and is in danger. The player must keep the animatronics away from the doors and protect the children locked in the closet from the animatronics. The player must survive five in-game nights with each night having a different animatronic antagonist.


The graphics are set in a pizzeria, an abandoned pizzeria with pizzas and animatronics roaming the halls. The graphics are not photorealistic but it does not distract from the gameplay.

Graphics in the game are good, but not the best. In the game, there are different themed rooms that you can customize. Different themes include Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, Funtime Freddy's, Ballora Gallery, and the Private Room. The rooms are all set up in an arcade-style.


The gameplay is in a simulation form. The player must survive 5 nights in the abandoned pizzeria by protecting the children and shutting the doors to stop the animatronics from coming in. The player can turn on lights to see the animatronics and call for help to keep the animatronics away. 

The gameplay in the game is pretty good. The player has the ability to customize the room to their liking. There are multiple options for customization, such as choosing your difficulty and your AI difficulty. There are also different options when it comes to item spawning.


The game has a multiplayer mode with a maximum of 4 players in each game. The multiplayer mode is cooperative and can be played online or local. The multiplayer in this game is good. You can play with others locally or online.


The game has a replay value because there are different types of animatronics that the player can use and it is also possible to play the game in multiplayer. There are also different difficulties in the game. You can play the game over and over, but you can only customize the room so much. It doesn't take much to get bored with the game.


The game is set in a pizzeria with the player having to keep the animatronics away from the doors in order to protect the children. The game is not photorealistic but the graphics do not affect the gameplay. The game has a multiplayer mode that can be played online or local and the game has a replay value with different animatronics and difficulties.


Ultimate Custom Night Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night
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